The mission of (OLCI) is to provide humanitarian services and understanding among Liberians and Friends of Liberians in the area of  Helping Liberians in social interaction with in new culture in America.

The Organization of Liberian Community in Chicago, Illinois

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Sedekie S. Sackor

President of OLCI

The president promises to do the following:

1. Active UNIFICATION PROCESS OF THE COMMUNITY – one of our administration’s social responsibilities is to unify the Liberian organization groupings in Illinois for national unity, collaboration and greater general progress.


2. The organization 501-3C STATUS has been established in July 10, 2010.  We are now a full non-for-profit organization within the country of United States of A merica. Anyone who contribute(s) to this organization will be able to claim it on his/her tax return at the end of the fiscal year.


Membership of OLCI is opened to anyone, regardless of ethnicity or race, who will subscribe to the Association’s objectives and programs.  Membership is voluntary and members provide services to and for the Association without charge.

           THE LIBERIAN COMMUNITY IN ILLINOIS IS WORKING WITH ALL ITS MEMBERS TO HELP THE FIRGHT                                                                                                      AGAINST EBOLA IN WEST AFRICA
We are taking donations of any kinds for west african countries that  are effected with EBOLA varus, we are a 501-C3 non for profit Orginization. So please help, please call us or email us if you have any donation's .
Mr. Sedekie Sackor President # 773-541-0070
Mr. Homer Allison Treasurer   #773-860-1505 

“We the members of the Organization of the Liberians Community in Illinois are inspired by a common determination to meet our socio-economic needs through a charitable association and co-operation to build a constructive sense of our community and cultural identity. In response to aspirations of the Organization of the Liberian Community in Illinois and the states aroung us, and in the U.S.A. for brotherhood, sisterhood, friendship and solidarity dedicated To the general progress of our welfare and to support each other in every possible way. We pledged to use our resources to build a sound socio-economic and cultural base to benefit all. We are going to work will any organization with common aims and objectives, do hereby adopt this Article of Incorporation of the Organization of the Liberian Community in Illinois. Past Leaders of the Organization. The constitution of the organization of Liberians in Chicago area.
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President: Sedekie S. Sackor
Chairman Of The Board: Mr. Raymond Jallah

"My fellow Liberians and Friends of Liberia, I bring you special greeting, Peace and Love on behalf of the OLCI Board of Directors and the Liberian Community of Illinois at large. We want you to know that irrespective of differences of opinions, we are one people with one love for Liberia. We invite every Liberian and friends of Liberia residing in Illinois to rally around OLCI in promoting Peace, Love and Unity in the diaspora and our Mother Land Liberia. Long Live Liberia!"

Kind regards

Mr Jallah.


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